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Infrastructure Grants

Funder:  NSW – Office of Responsible Gambling

Grant Background:  The NSW Government offers grants to communities across NSW to support the building, renovation and fit-out of infrastructure. Funding is available for arts and cultural infrastructure, sport and recreation infrastructure and projects that assist communities with essential infrastructure and disaster readiness.

Infrastructure Grants are made possible through the NSW Government’s Clubgrants Category 3 Fund, which reinvests a contribution from the state’s registered clubs gaming machine profits back into community projects.

They will give priority to bushfire affected communities, to assist in the recovery efforts. This means these communities will be prioritised in funding decisions.

Infrastructure Grants can be used toward the costs of construction, alteration, renovation, completion and fit-out of buildings and community infrastructure in the following areas:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Disaster Readiness & Community Infrastructure
  • Sport & Recreation

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Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants Programme

Funder:  Federal – Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Grant Background:  The Saluting Their Service Commemorations Program aims to preserve Australia’s wartime heritage and involve people around the nation in a wide range of projects and activities that highlight the service and sacrifice of Australia’s service personnel in wars, conflicts and peace operations. Projects and activities should promote appreciation and understanding of the experiences of service and the roles that those who served have played in shaping the nation.

There are two categories of grants available under the program:

  1. Community Grants: To a maximum of $10,000 are available for local, community-based projects and activities.
  2. Major Grants: Between $10,001 and $150,000 are available for major commemorative projects and activities that are significant from a national, state, territory and/or regional perspective.

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Safer Communities Fund – Round 5 – Early Intervention

Funder:  Federal – Home Affairs

Grant Background:  The objectives of the Safer Communities Fund Round 5: Early Intervention grants are to:

  • contribute to the preservation of the safety of Australians through funding local crime prevention activities that address anti-social behaviour and/or racial or religious intolerance by at-risk youth
  • help at-risk marginalised young people aged 12 to 25 to develop life skills to prevent them from becoming entrenched in the criminal justice system and to promote inclusion and build community resilience

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Celebrating Diversity Grants – Events

Funder:  NSW – Multicultural

Grant Background:  Celebrating Diversity: Events aim to support festivals and events that bring communities together, showcase the benefits of cultural diversity and promote social cohesion and community harmony. Celebrating Diversity: Events aim to attract everyone to share in the celebration of cultural diversity.

Each year the NSW calendar is filled with events that celebrate our cultural diversity.  Festivals and events bring communities together, showcase the benefits of cultural diversity and promote social cohesion and community harmony.

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Community, Education

Community Languages Multicultural Grant

Funder:  Federal – Home Affairs

Grant Background The Australian Government is inviting applications under the Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship Program: Community Languages Multicultural Grants Stream Two in 2019-20.

The objective of the grant opportunity is to build the capacity of community language schools to deliver quality language education. The Community Language Multicultural Grants aims to:

  • Support the maintenance, development and acquisition of languages other than English.
  • Connect young Australians to the languages and cultures of their community.
  • Enhance cross-cultural awareness and respect for cultural diversity.

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Community, Rural & Regional

Community Futures Grant

Funder:  Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Foundation

Grant Background:  The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Foundation (RASF) is offering an opportunity for community-minded people to be awarded up to $25,000 in funding for drought and bushfire recovery community projects in their local area.

Previously funding has gone to projects including air-conditioning in the local hall to portable yard panels for the showground or a pop-up gazebo, satisfying community needs and benefiting many. This year the funding is targeting regional recovery following the destruction of community facilities and projects devastated by the ongoing drought and current bushfire crisis.

The RASF invites ideas that deliver strong community benefits and result in enhanced economic and social outcomes for your community. This year projects should assist the recovery and rebuilding of drought and bushfire affected towns. Projects that involve collaboration between people in your town and deliver sustained and broad community benefits will be highly regarded. Applicants will be passionate about rural and regional NSW and have a good understanding of any issues affecting their community.

Infrastructure for local showgrounds and Show Societies are eligible. The improvements must demonstrate that they go beyond benefiting just the local Show Society in running the local Show, but rather enabling broader use by other community groups to run on-going projects or programs.

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Community, Health

Veteran and Community Grants

Funder:  Federal – Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Grant Background:  The objective of the Veteran and Community Grants (V&CG) program is to maintain and improve the independence and quality of life for members of the Australian veteran community by providing funding for projects that sustain or enhance health and wellbeing.

The intended outcomes of the program are to:

  • Deliver projects that are sustainable, financially viable and have an ongoing benefit for members of the Australian veteran community; and
  • Deliver projects that increase opportunities for members of the Australian veteran community, associated with social activity and community participation and/or improve health behaviours and support healthy places.

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Grants in Aid

Funder:  Federal – Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Grant Background:  The Veterans Community Care and Support Outcome – Grants-in-Aid Program aims to support national ex‑service organisations (ESOs) to provide coordinating and representational support within the Australian veteran and Defence community.

The objective of the grant opportunity is to fund discrete projects or activities that address a specific problem or issue and will achieve a clear benefit to the Australian ex-service and Defence community.

The intended outcomes of the program are to:

  • encourage co-operation and communication between the ex-service community, ESOs and the Australian Government
  • assist ESOs to:
    • support their branches, sub-branches and affiliated organisations in performing advocacy, pensions and welfare work
    • advance the objectives of all ESOs more generally, including improved co‑operation and communication between national bodies, branches, sub‑branches and affiliated organisations on repatriation and military compensation matters.

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Community, Rural & Regional

Strengthening Rural Communities – Larger Leverage

Funder:  Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR)

Grant Background: Through the Larger Leverage grants, small rural, regional and remote communities now have an opportunity to access funding to support more aspirational objectives, think bigger and leverage the ideas, creativity and resources of communities for bigger impacts and stronger, more connected communities.

The Larger Leverage tier is focussed on supporting two types of projects:

a) Projects delivered in remote or very remote communities;
b) Projects that require more financial support in order to enhance the community or organisational capacity and accelerate the outcomes to be achieved.

Applications must clearly demonstrate a focus on one activity from the following seven activity areas.

1. Building community resilience
2. Developing organisational resilience and capacity
3. Enhancing environmental sustainability
4. Fostering cultural vibrancy
5. Lifelong learning and education
6. Economic strength
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Small Grant Programme

Funder:  Highways and Byways

Grant Background: In 2020 Highways and Byways seeks applications from organisations in the areas where the MSS sisters have lived and worked over the last 76 years, especially rural and regional areas.

This year they are focussing the program on understanding our interconnectedness to and with all living things on our fragile planet. The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2020 as the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH).

Our vast continent is experiencing widespread persistent dry conditions, especially across the Murray Darling Basin Region. This means ongoing challenges for communities struggling to make a living in areas where the land is changing and ‘business as usual’ is not an option.

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