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National Landcare Program: Smart Farming Partnerships Round 2

Funder:  Federal – Agriculture

Grant Background: Smart Farming Partnerships is an open, competitive, grant opportunity to support substantial, complex projects that are to be delivered in consortium partnerships to trial, develop and implement innovative tools and practices.

The purpose of Smart Farming Partnerships is to foster sustainable natural resource management innovation. Smart Farming Partnerships deliver against the Australian Government’s policy of using innovation to cultivate more sustainable, productive and profitable agriculture, forestry, fishing and aquaculture industries; protect Australia’s biodiversity; protect and improve the condition of natural resources (in particular on-farm soils, water and vegetation); and assist Australia to meet its national and international obligations.

The purpose will be achieved through substantial projects, funded, at least in part, by grants, that deliver against either or both of the outcomes:

  • Outcome 1 – Innovation in sustainable resource management practice
  • Outcome 2 – Innovation in capacity building and promotion of sustainable resource management practice.

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Small Environmental Grant Scheme

Funder:  Wettenhall Environment Trust

Grant Background: The Scheme provides support for people undertaking projects that will make a positive difference to the natural living environment, in land, sea or air, rural or urban.

They are looking for projects around:

  • flora and fauna conservation(Australia-wide)
  • threatened mammal conservation (Australia-wide)
  • landscape restoration and education (Victoria only)

These projects should involve any of the following:

  • monitoring, recording and sharing data
  • delivering community education
  • providing community capacity building (e.g. training)
  • research and science

What they fund:

  • Projects that directly make positive changes to biodiversity conservation in Australia.
  • Projects should have some short term outputs, but also have long term objectives and values.
  • Projects that show the following: enthusiasm, collaboration, passion, innovation
  • Projects that use citizen science
  • Projects that are about community education relating to conservation

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River Connections Grant

Funder:  NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

Grant Background: The purpose of this grant is to assist community and government organisations to contribute to new approaches to integrated river management that can deliver improved health outcomes for inland rivers at a landscape scale in NSW.

River Connections will co-fund large scale, long-term collaboration and partnerships to tackle river and aquatic degradation at the landscape scale. Projects will investigate and analyse the barriers, threats and opportunities to integrated river management, identify and include diverse user values and trial new innovative approaches and/or techniques to river management that can deliver improved river health outcomes.

The River Connections grants program will fund projects that:

  • establish partnerships that align multiple values into a common purpose that will continue beyond the program and its funding
  • undertake an analysis of barriers, threats and opportunities to integrated river management.
  • investigate and trial innovative approaches and technologies that demonstrate a high chance of being successful at changing business as usual approaches and achieve outcomes beyond the funding.
  • create an incentive for coordinated activities that connect river communities and users, drive behaviour change and contribute to improved river health
  • involve all individuals, groups, organisations and agencies that impact or could impact on river health in the project area
  • draw upon the ground work, research and investment already conducted by programs such as The Living Murray program, Murray Darling Basin Plan and Murray Darling Basin Authority strategies for native fish and salinity mitigation
  • have a strong monitoring and evaluation framework that allows you to measure and demonstrate the environmental improvements your project achieves
  • maximise co-investment and cost effectiveness
  • demonstrate ongoing commitment beyond the 10-year project period

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Agriculture, Environmental, Rural & Regional

On Farm Energy Grants

Funder:  Agriculture Victoria

Grant Background: Victorian Farmers are now able to apply for an on-farm energy grant.

The on-farm energy grants are available to eligible primary producers until March 2020 or until available funding is exhausted (whichever comes first). Apply early so you don’t miss out.

Grants will be provided on a “dollar for dollar” cash co-contribution basis. Recipients are required to contribute at least 50 per cent of the total cash costs of the project.

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Arts & Creative, Business, Environmental

Council for Australian-Arab Relations

Funder:  Federal – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Grant Background: The Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CARR) aims to strengthen relations between Australia and the Arab world by:

  • empowering the peoples of Australia and the Arab world to develop a holistic and contemporary mutual understanding
  • supporting activities that encourage increased trade and investment between the two regions
  • supporting positive and collaborative relationships between Australia’s Arab diaspora communities and the broader Australian community.

The objectives of the CARR funding program are:

  • innovation and sustainability (eg environment, energy and waste management)
  • art and culture
  • social change (eg Work Health and Safety (WHS), health promotion, food / water safety, disease prevention).

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Environmental Research Grants

Funder:  NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

Grant Background: The objectives of the program are to:

  • generate new knowledge or information to facilitate local solutions to environmental problems
  • discover new methods of operation for NSW industries that are less harmful to the environment and enhance public good
  • improve knowledge and advanced techniques to solve general environmental problems in New South Wales
  • assess and evaluate application of innovative solutions to decrease environmental degradation in New South Wales.

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Community, Environmental, Rural & Regional

Increasing Resilience to Climate Change

Funder:  NSW – Department of Environment & Heritage and Department of Local Government

Grant Background: This partnership program between LGNSW and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) provides funding to address identified climate change risks and vulnerabilities facing NSW councils.

The Increasing Resilience to Climate Change program has been established to encourage:

  • Implementation of actions to address identified climate risks
  • Regional consideration of climate change impacts in decision making
  • Implementation of climate change adaptation actions beyond business as usual projects and programs
  • Enhanced adaptive capacity.

The Climate Change Fund is providing $1,100,000 of funding in Round 1 for projects delivered within 2 years.

  • Individual projects: Grants between $30 000 to $120 000 are available to individual councils.
  • Regional projects: Grant between $50 000 to $300 000 are available for regional projects to coordinate adaptation projects across a number of councils.

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Community, Environmental, Rural & Regional

Resilient Communities Small Grants

Funder:  NSW – Central West Local Land Services

Grant Background: Central West Local Land Services believe supporting the communities in which they live will empower resilience and strength, particularly during difficult times.  Understanding that sometimes a small grant can have a significant impact, they are offering grants to community-focused groups with a passion for what is important to them and their wider community.

Funding is made available through the Catchment Action NSW program and must align with the following project priorities:

  • Improving soil health
  • Supporting and protecting native vegetation and terrestrial habitat
  • Protecting and rehabilitating aquatic ecosystems
  • Protecting or preserving Cultural Heritage values
  • Maintaining or improving native plant and/or animal species populations
  • Prevent spread and impact of pest animals collaboratively

Based on your own priorities, this may include (but not be limited to):

  • Engagement or capacity building workshops or training
  • Forming or adding value to a pest animal group
  • Purchases to increase capacity of your team: GPS, Field cameras, mapping software etc
  • Cultural training, protecting various cultural values, educational site visits, community awareness workshops
  • Increasing habitat or planting exercises

If you do not live in the Central West, check out what your Local Land Services has on offer.

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Smart Farms Small Grants

Funder:  National Landcare

Grant Background: The Australian Government’s National Landcare Program aims to protect, conserve and provide for the productive use of Australia’s water, soil, plants and animals and the ecosystems in which they live and interact, in partnership with industry, communities and other governments.

Smart Farms Small Grants—is a $55 million competitive small grants program over several rounds to support the adoption of best practices that improves the management and quality of our natural resources and increases on-farm productivity.

Suitable project activities may include:

  • Establishing a demonstration and monitoring site for best practice management of on-farm vegetation that includes livestock controls and that will result in sustainable agriculture outcomes.
  • Demonstrating methods to monitor and manage groundcover to assist land managers to maintain levels above minimum thresholds to reduce soil and nutrient loss through wind and water erosion and improve air and/or water quality.
  • Undertaking an extension program to train land managers in how to best manage surface and subsurface soil acidification to improve productivity and avoid future loss of productive land.
  • Demonstrating methods to improve nutrient use efficiency where this will reduce losses into waterways while improving productivity and reducing nitrous oxide emissions.
  • Conducting workshops to increase the capacity of land managers to improve soil health through better management of soil structure where it can be demonstrated that this will lead to increased productivity.
  • Improving the capacity of Australian farmers to demonstrate the sustainability of their operations in response to market demands, where this is likely to result in increased adoption of sustainable practices.
  • Extension of industry guidelines and codes of practice for sustainable management practice activities in the fishing and aquaculture industries.
  • Improved use of seasonal climate forecasting where this will assist land holders to adapt to changing local conditions and improve land management.

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