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NSW State Heritage Register Emergency Works

Funder:  NSW – Department of Environment & Heritage

Grant Background: The NSW Government is committed to ensuring that our heritage is valued, protected, and enjoyed. The State Heritage Register is a list of places and objects of particular importance to the whole of NSW and enriches our understanding of our history and identity.

Emergency works funding is only for items listed on the State Heritage Register, or items with a current Interim Heritage Order, to protect and/or repair damage caused by unexpected events such as an extreme storm or accident.

Examples of eligible works:

  • Repair of damage to an item caused by a traffic accident, for example, a vehicle ran into and damaged a State Heritage Register listed property.
  • Short term protection, for example, propping and providing tarpaulins to protect a State Heritage Register listed building that has been damaged following an extreme storm. State Heritage Register Emergency Works Funding | Program Guidelines 8
  • Removal of an item causing damage, for example, removal of a tree or electrical wires that have fallen during a storm.
  • Temporary relocation of a movable item, for example, to move an archival or museum collection as its usual location has been inundated by flood waters.

$ Available: Funding of up to $10 000 is available. No matching funding is required

Eligibility:  To be eligible, you must:

  • be an individual, organisation, community group, trustee or a NSW Local Council which is the owner or manager of a State Heritage Register-listed item or item with a current Interim Heritage Order within NSW, or
  • be a state government agency involved as a project partner assisting one of the owners and managers of the item
  • not have acquired or leased the State Heritage Register-listed item or item with a current Interim Heritage Order from a NSW government agency or entered into a conservation agreement in the last two years
  • be assessed by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage as having the capacity and commitment to undertake and complete the project.

Key Dates: open all year subject to available funding


Happy to chat if you need a hand with your application. Good luck, Melanie

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