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Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support 2020/21 Grant

Funder:  Federal – Infrastructure

Grant Background: The Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support 2020/21 Grant will fund organisations for activities that best contribute to delivery of the following Program outcomes:

  • a professional, viable and ethical Indigenous visual arts industry that features strong participation and provides economic opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  • the continued production, exhibition, critique, purchase and collection of Indigenous visual art.

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Arts & Creative

Create Grants

Funder:  The Copyright Agency

Grant Background: The Copyright Agency’s Create Grants offer opportunities for mid-career and established creative writers and visual artists to create and develop new work. The grants provide a living allowance to a writer or a visual artist to write or create a new work for publication or exhibition.

Create Grants do not support academics with scholarly or academic works.

Projects should span up to twelve months.

Applications are assessed by a panel of independent peers from the writing, publishing and visual arts sectors.

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