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Country Arts Support Programme

Funder:  Orana Arts & Regional Arts NSW

Grant Background: The aim of the Country Arts Support Program is to support community arts and cultural development in regional NSW through small grants that:

  • Assist locally determined community arts and cultural activities.
  • Increase opportunities for regionally-based groups to access a diverse range of arts programs.
  • Enable communities to explore and express their cultural identities.
  • Bring social and economic benefits to the community through training, employment and promotional opportunities.
  • Lead to greater awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity.
  • Increase the sustainability and resilience of regionally based community arts organisations.

CASP is managed by Orana Arts through devolved funding from Create NSW. All applicants must discuss their project with Orana Arts and applications must be submitted via Smartygrants which can be accessed via the Regional Arts NSW website during the application opening period.

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Arts & Creative

Arts & Cultural Projects – Rnd 2

Funder:  Create NSW

Grant Background: Create NSW is committed to providing support to the small to medium arts and cultural sector.

Objectives of the Arts & Cultural Projects (Round 2) funding category:

  • Contribute to the development of a vibrant and accessible arts and cultural sector in NSW.
  • Strengthen professional arts and cultural development in the small-to- medium arts and cultural sector
  • Deliver a dynamic and diverse range of arts and cultural experiences to communities in NSW.
  • Develop excellence in arts and cultural practice and cultural leadership in NSW
  • Support for new initiatives and seed funding for small groups
  • Contribute to arts and cultural excellence and innovation.
  • Increase the accessibility of vibrant arts and culture.
  • Support the employment and development of professional artists and arts/cultural workers.
  • Deliver arts and cultural outcomes in ACDP Priority Areas.

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Arts & Creative

Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support Grant

Funder:  Federal – Department of Communications and the Arts

Grant Background: Funding will be provided to organisations for activities that best contribute to delivery of the following Program outcomes:

  • a professional, viable and ethical Indigenous visual arts industry that features strong participation and provides economic opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • the continued production, exhibition, critique, purchase and collection of Indigenous visual art.

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