2020 NSW Seniors Festival Grants

Funder:  NSW – Family & Community Services

Grant Background: The NSW Seniors Festival will be held across NSW from 12–23 February 2020.

Grants are available for local councils and organisations to host a 2020 NSW Seniors Festival event. The festival will provide opportunities for people over 60 to remain active, healthy and engaged in their local communities.

NSW Seniors Festival Grants support a range of programs and events, for example:

  • Events offering access to expert advice, information, tools and resources
  • Free samples of activities during NSW Seniors Festival
  • Opportunities to connect seniors with local organisations and services
  • Outdoor and physically active workshops

The grants will provide $200,000 to organisations and councils to host local festival events and activities.

$ Available: Three funding categories are available:

  • Category 1: Up to $1000 for small-scale local community events and activities.
  • Category 2: $1001 – $5000 for larger local community events and activities.
  • Category 3: $5001 – $10,000 for large scale community and regional events and activities.

Eligibility: Category 1 and 2 Grants

  • not-for-profit organisations
  • charitable organisations
  • public companies limited by guarantee
  • local government authorities based in NSW

Category 3 Grants

  • local government organisations only

Key Dates: Closes 9 August 2019.


Happy to chat if you need a hand with your application. Good luck, Melanie

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