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Annual Arts Organisation Funding

Funder:  Create NSW

Grant Background: Annual Arts Organisation funding is provided to support arts and cultural organisations (including service organisations) to deliver multiple arts and cultural activities. Funding can contribute to any aspect of an organisation’s program throughout a single calendar or financial year.

It aims to:

  • increase access by and engagement of diverse audiences and artists
  • improve the quality and excellence of arts and culture in NSW
  • ensure the best practice and sustainability of arts and cultural organisations.

$ Available: There is no maximum request amount for Annual Organisation funding.

Eligibility: Arts and cultural organisations are eligible for Annual Organisation, Annual Project and Strategic funding. Aboriginal organisations are also eligible to apply for Creative Koori Projects funding.

To be eligible to submit for Organisation funding you need to meet the following three criteria:

  1. Applicant type: You must be an arts and cultural organisation located in Australia.
  2. Focus: Your annual program or project must have clearly defined arts and cultural activity at its core.
  3. Benefit: Your core program or project must benefit NSW by either: employing NSW artists or arts and cultural workers; and/or providing arts and cultural experiences to the people of NSW

Key Dates: Closes 31 January 2022.

For More Information or to Apply: CLICK HERE

Happy to chat if you need a hand with your application and please share this grant opportunity with anyone who may be interested. Good luck, Melanie

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