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Arts & Cultural Project Funding

Funder:  Create NSW

Grant Background: Project funding supports excellence, innovation and creativity within the NSW arts and cultural sector. It aims to deliver a dynamic and diverse range of arts and cultural experiences to communities across NSW, contribute to the development of a vibrant and accessible arts and cultural sector, and support the employment and development of professional NSW-based artists and arts and cultural workers.

Funding is available for a wide range of arts and cultural activity, including:

  • creation of new work, practice-based research or experimentation and professional development
  • production, exhibition, presenting, publishing or recording, touring and festivals
  • promotion and marketing, market and/or audience development activity
  • conservation and/or development of collections and archives (including Aboriginal Keeping Places and the digitisation of collections)
  • purchase of capital infrastructure and equipment
  • partnerships, capacity building and sustainability.

Funding is not available under this program for filmmaking, screen production, mainstream animation or film festivals.

$ Available:  There is no upper limit to the amount of funding you may request.

However, to be competitive, you must provide a level of detail in your written application, support material and budget appropriate to the level of your funding request.

This expectation will vary according to the following levels of your funding request:

  • applying for less than $20,000
  • applying for at least $20,000 but less than $140,000
  • applying for $140,000 or more.

You may not request funding for the total cost of your project. You must include an independent financial contribution (cash and/or in kind) from other sources.

Eligibility:  You must be an:

  • Australian citizen; or
  • permanent resident; or
  • organisation/group located in Australia.

Key Dates: closes 2 March 2020


Happy to chat if you need a hand with your application and please share this grant opportunity with anyone who may be interested. Good luck, Melanie

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