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Bushfire Industry Recovery Package – Sector Development Grants

Funder:  NSW – Regional NSW

Grant Background: The Bushfire Industry Recovery Package offers Sector Development Grants to support the medium to long-term recovery and resilience of forestry, horticulture and agriculture industries in NSW impacted by the bushfires from 31 August 2019. Funding is available for projects focussing on:

  • job creation and retention
  • that increase value-add production,
  • support supply-chain efficiencies,
  • product diversification
  • and market expansion.

$ Available: Up to $10million

Eligibility:  Industries eligible to apply for Sector Development Grants include forestry, horticulture, dairy, aquaculture, viticulture or apiculture producers, and businesses in the close supply or value chain of these industries. I recommend you check out the link below to read all the eligibility requirements.

 Key Dates: Closes 17 July 2020


Happy to chat if you need a hand with your application and please share this grant opportunity with anyone who may be interested. Good luck, Melanie

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