Fire and flames

Bushfire Restoration Grants

Funder:  Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife

Grant Background: The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife invites applications to support tree planting projects as part of bushfire restoration projects in and around regions impacted by the 2019-20 Black Summer bushfires.

Bushfire Recovery Project Goal: To plant one million trees in and around the 2019-2020 bushfire impacted areas in Qld, NSW, Vic, and SA by December 2024.

Goal of this Grant Round: To provide funds to support revegetation activities in and around bushfire impacted areas.

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Agriculture, Environmental

Methane Emissions Reduction in Livestock

Funder:  Federal – Industry

Grant Background: The Methane Emissions Reduction in Livestock: Research Grants support on-ground trials involving Australian producers to collect data on emissions and productivity impacts from the use of low-emissions feed technologies.

The objectives are to:

  • engage livestock producers and build an evidence-base to support calculation of livestock emissions reductions and productivity outcomes (e.g. dose-responses) in livestock, from the use of feed technologies
  • increase livestock producers’ and service providers’ experience with feed technology products
  • verify claimed productivity and emissions reduction benefits
  • leverage co-investment in technologies that have the potential to reduce livestock emissions
  • support partnerships between producers and industry to advance emissions reduction in livestock.

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Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery Grants Programme – Supporting the recovery of wildlife and their habitat

Funder:  Landcare

Grant Background: Eligible local Landcare groups, environment networks and community groups working on bushfire recovery projects can now access funding in a landmark new grants program funded by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

The $14 million Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery Grantsprogram is supporting Landcare bushfire recovery projects in seven government-designated bushfire regions across Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and South Australia impacted by the Black Summer bushfires of 2019/2020.

The objectives of the grant program are to support:

  • Bushfire recovery actions for fire-affected plant and animal species, ecological communities, and natural assets, including Ramsar listed wetlands and World Heritage properties, within the seven bushfire regions identified as most impacted by the 2019-20 bushfires; and
  • Develop and use partnerships with local landowners, community and Landcare groups, and other local, regional, and national partners, to support their involvement in delivering bushfire recovery actions

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Rural & regional
Agriculture, Environmental

Carbon + Biodiversity Pilot

Funder:  Federal – Agriculture

Grant Background: The Carbon + Biodiversity Pilot is trialling arrangements to reward farmers for improving on-farm biodiversity together with carbon projects under the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF). Under the pilot, farmers who plant native trees will receive payments for biodiversity outcomes. These payments will be in addition to earnings a landholder might receive for their carbon abatement.

Eligible activities will build on ERF carbon projects. Examples could include:

  • Planting, managing and looking after vegetation
  • Regenerating gullies, waterways and degraded hillsides

These plantings can also benefit farmers by providing shelter for livestock, improving soil moisture and reducing erosion.

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Murray–Darling Basin Indigenous River Rangers Grant

Funder:  National Indigenous Australians Agency

Grant Background: Murray–Darling Basin Indigenous River Rangers grant opportunity will provide $3.071 million to Indigenous organisations across the breadth of the Murray–Darling Basin (the Basin) to establish up to four new Indigenous ranger groups to work on waterway health projects that support environmental and cultural outcomes across the Basin.

Through the Program, the Australian Government recognises Indigenous Australians’ connection to country and the diversity of environmental and cultural practices across the Basin. The Program is expected to enable Indigenous river rangers to use their knowledge and connection to country to contribute to restoring and managing waterway health to support environmental and cultural outcomes in the Basin.

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A close up photo of a small green seedling growing in dark brown soil.
Community, Environmental, Rural & Regional

Murray–Darling Healthy Rivers Program – Small Grants

Funder:  Federal – Agriculture

Grant Background:  The Murray–Darling Healthy Rivers Program (Small Grants) supports community-led, on-ground projects that improve the health and ecological condition of rivers and wetlands in the Murray–Darling Basin, whilst supporting economic development and jobs.

The program aims to:

  • improve health and ecological condition of rivers and wetlands in the Murray–Darling Basin that build on water recovered through the Murray–Darling Basin Plan
  • improve community involvement in restoring the environmental health of the Murray–Darling Basin
  • increase economic activity and employment in Basin communities as a result of grant funding.

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A large group of people putting their hands and feet together on green grass
Community, Environmental

NAB Community Grant

Funder:  National Australia Bank Foundation

Grant Background:  NAB Foundation Community Grants can help you safeguard your community with funding for projects that prepare for natural disasters, support long-term recovery and build resilience against future disasters. They fund local projects aiming to do one or more of the following:

  • help people and places prepare for natural disasters
  • assist in short and long-term recovery efforts
  • build community resilience against future disasters
  • strengthen the environment to be more resilient to natural disasters
  • help communities reduce their climate risk.

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Business, Environmental

Remanufacture NSW

Funder:  NSW – Environment

Grant Background: Remanufacture NSW is offering funding opportunities to support the NSW resource recovery sectors response to changes brought about by the decision to ban the export of unbeneficiated waste plastic, paper, glass and tyres. Remanufacture NSW ensures New South Wales is leading by example and maximising recycling and reuse activities and keeping materials within the productive economy.

The program targets the waste materials subject to the export ban: plastic, paper, glass and tyres.

Under Stream 1 the establishment of new recycling infrastructure and equipment will be co-funded. Under Stream 2 innovative trials to address waste export ban materials will be co-funded.

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A hand writing a grant application
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Let me show you how to write better grant applications…

Would you like to apply for grants, but don’t know where to start?

Have you applied for a grant before and the silence has been deafening in reply?

Does it all seem too big or too hard?

You are not on your own…

Tackling grant applications can be overwhelming with a million questions and the need to supply endless words, budgets and supporting documents – all within a very short time frame.

Don’t worry, I can help you research and write stronger grant applications.

I have been writing grants for around 30 years and have learned a few tips and tricks along the way. Let me show you how to take some of the mystery out of what makes a solid and successful grant application.

Ask me about:

  • Running a face-to-face workshop for your group or business.
  • Providing a mentoring service as you work your way through an application.
  • Reviewing your finished product and providing some fresh eyes on ways to improve what you have drafted, or
  • Writing the whole darn thing!

Happy to chat about which option works best for you.

Have a great day and Good Luck! Melanie

A black and white photo of trees next to a billabong

Protecting Our Places

Funder:  NSW – Environment

Grant Background: The Protecting our Places program encourages and empowers Aboriginal communities to protect, conserve and restore landscapes and waterways important to them.

This program is designed to empower and provide opportunities for Aboriginal organisations to undertake projects that:

  • contribute to ongoing sustainable management of significant Aboriginal cultural landscapes in New South Wales
  • contribute to healthier environments and communities
  • develop the project management capabilities of Aboriginal groups
  • encourage new collaborations and positive relationships with other organisations, government and stakeholders.

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