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Cultural Fund

Funder:  The Copyright Agency

Grant Background: The Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund offers grants to leading organisations for projects that deliver exceptional opportunities for Australian writers, journalists, editors, English and literacy teachers, visual artists and key industry stakeholders in the writing, publishing, education, and visual arts sectors.

With these grants, their aim is to support their members and key industry stakeholders to create, award, present, publish, and to offer significant professional development and career sustaining opportunities for writers and visual artists.

The Cultural Fund encourages potential applicants to create opportunities for writers and visual artists at all career stages.

$ Available: No set minimum or maximum amounts. Their grants range from $5,000 to $20,000 per project/year. Applicants are encouraged to discuss their project with the Cultural Fund before applying.


  • Legally constituted organisations and incorporated associations may apply.
  • If applying as a University, only one application from the University may be submitted per round.
  • Individuals or sole traders are not eligible to apply for these grants.

Key Dates: Closes 11 May 2020


Happy to chat if you need a hand with your application and please share this grant opportunity with anyone who may be interested. Good luck, Melanie

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