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Local Sport Grant Programme

Funder:  NSW – Sport

Grant Background: The $4.6 million Local Sport Grant Program aims to increase regular and ongoing participation opportunities in sport and active recreation in NSW.

This year’s program has been established to:

  • target opportunities specifically for women and girls
  • overall participation opportunities
  • support local communities affected by drought.

The Local Sports Grant funding is available across all electorates in NSW.

There are four project types within the Program:

  1. Sport Development
  2. Community Sport Events
  3. Sport Access
  4. Facility Development.

The overall objectives of the Program are to:

  • Increase regular and on-going participation in sport or structured physical activity.
  • Address barriers to participation in sport or structured physical activity.
  • Assist sport clubs provide quality service to their members.
  • Increase the number of well-managed facilities that meet the needs of users.

$ Available: The maximum amounts available are:

  • Sport Development: $2,000
  • Community Sport Events: $5,000
  • Sport Access: $5,000
  • Facility development $15,000.

The minimum amount available is $250 for all project types with the exception being for facility development which has a minimum request of $1,000. The maximum available to any one organisation is $20,000 in a financial year.

Eligibility:  To be eligible for this grant program, applicants must be an:

  • Incorporated, not-for-profit grassroots ‘sport club’.
  • Applications from Licenced Sporting Clubs may be considered providing the project directly benefits the sport and is not located within the licenced premises.
  • Applications may be considered from Sport Clubs associated with a school, church or university providing they are a not for profit club and incorporated in their own right.

Key Dates: closes on 25 November 2019


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