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Lung Conditions Population Groups at Risk

Funder:  Federal – Health

Grant Background:  The purpose of the grant opportunity is to improve awareness and understanding of lung conditions for population groups considered to be at an ‘increased risk’ of experiencing poor lung health in Australia. These include, but not limited to: asthmatics, those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, cystic fibrosis, smokers, people with allergies, people exposed to asbestos and/or inflammatory pollutants (i.e. those in occupations such as mining, manufacturing, engineered stone working and building).

The objectives of the grant opportunity are to support a number of recommended activities from the Action Plan, including:

  • Delivering awareness and education campaigns to improve knowledge of occupational hazards that affect the lungs and to promote safe workplaces;
  • Delivering education to parents, carers and health professionals to address chronic cough, particularly in high risk populations including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children; and
  • Delivering awareness and education campaigns on the benefits of immunisation to increase uptake in high-risk populations.

$ Available: Up to $230 000.

Eligibility:  To be eligible you must:

  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN);
  • be registered for the purposes of GST;
  • be a permanent resident of Australia;
  • have an account with an Australian financial institution;

and be one of the following entity types:

  • a company incorporated in Australia;
  • a company incorporated by guarantee;
  • an incorporated trustee on behalf of a trust;
  • an incorporated association;
  • a partnership;
  • a joint (consortia) application with a lead organisation;
  • an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Corporation registered under the Corporations (Aboriginal and /or Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006.

Key Dates: closes 25 November 2019


Happy to chat if you need a hand with your application. Good luck, Melanie

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