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Men As Role Models For Preventing Violence Against Women and Children

Funder:  Federal – Social Services

Grant Background: The Australian Government has committed $2.472 million GST exclusive to develop and deliver primary prevention activities that encourage men to be positive role models.

Organisations are invited to apply for funding to deliver innovative primary prevention activities that involve men as positive role models to drive changes in the behaviours and attitudes that contribute to violence against women and children. These activities will involve men to challenge the underlying social, economic and political conditions, as well as historical and cultural factors that allow violence, supportive attitudes and behaviours to thrive.

$ Available: The minimum total grant amount is $750,000 GST exclusive over three years. The maximum total grant amount is $900,000 GST exclusive over three years.

Eligibility:  This grant opportunity is seeking applications from specialist organisations, or consortium partnerships led by specialist organisations, with other relevant organisations.

For the purposes of this grant opportunity, a specialist organisation is an organisation with expertise in family, domestic or sexual violence, gender equality or primary prevention.

Preference will be given to applications that demonstrate existing strong relationships with their target groups or communities, or partnerships with organisations representing those groups or communities.

To be an eligible specialist organisation, applicants must also be one of the following entity types:
• Indigenous Corporation
• Company
• Corporate State or Territory Entity
• Non-corporate State or Territory Entity
• Non-corporate State or Territory Statutory Authority
• Local Government
• Cooperative
• Incorporated Association
• Sole Trader
• Statutory Entity
• Partnership
• Trustee on behalf of a Trust
• Unincorporated Association.

The lead organisation may consider forming a partnership or consortium with other organisations who have relevant expertise including:
• Specialist women’s sector and/or specialist family, domestic or sexual violence organisations
• Gender equality organisations
• Peak advocacy organisations
• Community sector organisations that represent diverse communities (such as Aboriginal controlled/led organisations, organisations representing CALD communities or LGBTIQ cohorts or women with disability)
• State and territory governments
• Local government.

Applicants must demonstrate the capacity, experience and qualifications to design and deliver activities that promote the role of men in preventing violence against women and children.

Applicants must also demonstrate how they will work in a genuinely collaborative way with specialist organisations ensuring their expertise is prioritised.

Key Dates: closes 24 September 2019


Happy to chat if you need a hand with your application. Good luck, Melanie

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