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Mental Health Sports Fund

Funder:  NSW – Sport

Grant Background: Drought has had an enormous impact across NSW and particularly in regional areas. The Mental Health Sports Fund provides NSW based sporting bodies with funding for sport led mental health, social and emotional wellbeing initiatives in regional NSW.

The objectives of the Grant program are to:

  • Conduct a community driven and well supported mental health initiative
  • Deliver mental health and wellbeing benefits to individuals in regional communities
  • Establish connections between community sporting clubs and mental health organisations for ongoing referral and support pathways
  • Promote resilience in the sporting sector or among local sporting clubs.

$ Available: Up to $75 000.

Eligibility:  To be eligible for this grant program, applicants must:

  • Be a NSW based sporting body, including State Sporting Organisations or State Sporting Organisations for people with a Disability, which operates across NSW
  • Partner with an established mental health service provider or charity to develop and deliver a place based mental health program or scale up an existing place based mental health program in a regional area of NSW
  • Identify how the proposed initiative will educate the community about mental health and increase access to appropriate mental health and suicide prevention services
  • Obtain a letter of support from a relevant mental health service provider or charity outlining the program partnership
  • The mental health service provider or charity must currently be operating in NSW and be funded by either a local government organisation in NSW, NSW Health, the NSW Mental Health Commission or the Commonwealth Department of Health
  • Be an incorporated, not for profit organisation and have at least $5 million public liability insurance.

Key Dates: closes on 16 December 2019


Happy to chat if you need a hand with your application. Good luck, Melanie

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