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River Connections Grant

Funder:  NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

Grant Background: The purpose of this grant is to assist community and government organisations to contribute to new approaches to integrated river management that can deliver improved health outcomes for inland rivers at a landscape scale in NSW.

River Connections will co-fund large scale, long-term collaboration and partnerships to tackle river and aquatic degradation at the landscape scale. Projects will investigate and analyse the barriers, threats and opportunities to integrated river management, identify and include diverse user values and trial new innovative approaches and/or techniques to river management that can deliver improved river health outcomes.

The River Connections grants program will fund projects that:

  • establish partnerships that align multiple values into a common purpose that will continue beyond the program and its funding
  • undertake an analysis of barriers, threats and opportunities to integrated river management.
  • investigate and trial innovative approaches and technologies that demonstrate a high chance of being successful at changing business as usual approaches and achieve outcomes beyond the funding.
  • create an incentive for coordinated activities that connect river communities and users, drive behaviour change and contribute to improved river health
  • involve all individuals, groups, organisations and agencies that impact or could impact on river health in the project area
  • draw upon the ground work, research and investment already conducted by programs such as The Living Murray program, Murray Darling Basin Plan and Murray Darling Basin Authority strategies for native fish and salinity mitigation
  • have a strong monitoring and evaluation framework that allows you to measure and demonstrate the environmental improvements your project achieves
  • maximise co-investment and cost effectiveness
  • demonstrate ongoing commitment beyond the 10-year project period

$ Available: The River Connections program is a large-scale contestable grant program administered by the Trust. Funding of between $5 million and $9 million is available for one to two projects which will be expected to run over 10 years.

Your application will be more successful if you can demonstrate how your project will integrate with, and leverage from, existing projects and allocated funding. You should demonstrate how you will contribute and add value to the Trust’s investment.

An ability and willingness of your project and/or its partners to contribute cash and in-kind contributions will make your application more competitive.

Stage 1 of the application process comprises an Expression of Interest (EOI). Selected applicants may be awarded seed funding of up to $30,000 to develop a detailed business plan for consideration in Stage 2.

Eligibility:  Community groups and organisations, incorporated associations, non-profit organisations, non-commercial cooperatives, Trusts and government entities.

Key Dates: closes 25 March 2019


Happy to chat if you need a hand with your application. Good luck, Melanie

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