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Regional Event Fund – Event Development Fund

Funder:  NSW – Destination NSW

Grant Background: The Regional Event Fund – Event Development stream supports events that have previously received the maximum funding permitted through the Flagship Event stream and can present a strategy for future growth that includes the continued development of its tourism potential to drive overnight visitation to the event.

The Event Development stream provides funding to support initiatives that will have a direct impact on increasing overnight visitation to the event. A clear strategic rationale will be required for all initiatives, however activities that may be eligible for funding include:

  • Promotional activities with a measurable overnight visitation outcome (e.g.: promotions with a unique call to action)
  • Cooperative marketing activities with the tourism industry (e.g.: the development and promotion of packages to the event that include accommodation or access to other tourist attractions)
  • Costs associated with implementing robust visitor research methodologies
  • Infrastructure costs associated with encouraging extended stays (e.g.: additional hire costs to extend the event an extra day)
  • Costs associated with the delivery of an improved visitor experience (e.g.: grandstands, information services, facilities)
  • Costs associated with developing broader accommodation options or the delivery of temporary accommodation (e.g.: shuttle buses to neighbouring towns, implementation of home hosting programs, creation of temporary camping grounds)
  • Consultancy fees for marketing, PR, digital or event management specialists provided there are clear and measurable outcomes that demonstrate an improvement on existing activities.

$ Available: Up to $50,000.00.

Eligibility: To be eligible to receive funding through the Event Development stream, an event must have previously received and completed triennial funding through the Flagship Event stream.

Key Dates: It will remain open until funds are exhausted.

For More Information or to Apply: CLICK HERE

Happy to chat if you need a hand with your application and please share this grant opportunity with anyone who may be interested. Good luck, Melanie

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