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Smart Farms Small Grants

Funder:  National Landcare

Grant Background: The Australian Government’s National Landcare Program aims to protect, conserve and provide for the productive use of Australia’s water, soil, plants and animals and the ecosystems in which they live and interact, in partnership with industry, communities and other governments.

Smart Farms Small Grants—is a $55 million competitive small grants program over several rounds to support the adoption of best practices that improves the management and quality of our natural resources and increases on-farm productivity.

Suitable project activities may include:

  • Establishing a demonstration and monitoring site for best practice management of on-farm vegetation that includes livestock controls and that will result in sustainable agriculture outcomes.
  • Demonstrating methods to monitor and manage groundcover to assist land managers to maintain levels above minimum thresholds to reduce soil and nutrient loss through wind and water erosion and improve air and/or water quality.
  • Undertaking an extension program to train land managers in how to best manage surface and subsurface soil acidification to improve productivity and avoid future loss of productive land.
  • Demonstrating methods to improve nutrient use efficiency where this will reduce losses into waterways while improving productivity and reducing nitrous oxide emissions.
  • Conducting workshops to increase the capacity of land managers to improve soil health through better management of soil structure where it can be demonstrated that this will lead to increased productivity.
  • Improving the capacity of Australian farmers to demonstrate the sustainability of their operations in response to market demands, where this is likely to result in increased adoption of sustainable practices.
  • Extension of industry guidelines and codes of practice for sustainable management practice activities in the fishing and aquaculture industries.
  • Improved use of seasonal climate forecasting where this will assist land holders to adapt to changing local conditions and improve land management.

$ Available: up to $200 000

Eligibility:  Open.

Key Dates: closes on 11 January 2019


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