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Get In the Game Grants

Funder:  Women Sport Australia

 Grant Background: Women Sport Australia and CADBURY share a vision to empower girls and women and to fuel their confidence through movement and connection. The CADBURY Get in the Game Grants will provide girls and women sports uniforms to organisations around Australia.

By offering this assistance to sporting clubs or associations across Australia we will be able to help break down one of the major barriers that often prevent female participation, the design and cost of uniforms. Their aim is to make participating in sport more inviting and accessible and in turn assist more girls and women to participate in female teams in sporting organisations across Australia.

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Local Sport Grant Programme

Funder:  NSW – Sport

Grant Background: The key objectives of the Local Sport Grant Programme are to:

  • Increase regular and on-going participation in sport
  • Increase participation and access for women, girls and population groups under-represented in participation including, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, people with a disability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • Address barriers to participation in sport or structured physical activity
  • Assist sport clubs to provide quality service to their members and meet community needs.

Applications must clearly demonstrate an identified need for the project and articulate how the project outcomes will be achieved.

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Local Sport Defibrillator Grant Program

Funder:  NSW – Sport

Grant Background: The Local Sport Defibrillator Grant Program provides NSW sports clubs and councils the opportunity to acquire an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) package for their club or sports facility at a reduced cost.

An AED is a life saving device which delivers a controlled shock to an individual experiencing cardiac arrest, increasing their chances of survival.

Sporting organisations and councils will be able to choose from a panel of approved AED Panel Service Providers and a variety of AED packaged services with the level of customer service that meets their needs.

An AED package will include:

  • An AED
  • AED familiarisation instruction (within 28 days of delivery)
  • A minimum of six years of essential AED maintenance

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Surf Club Facility Programme

Funder:  NSW – Sport

Grant Background: The Surf Club Facility Programme assists Surf Life Saving Clubs throughout NSW to develop their facilities to increase the usage, safety and participation in Surf Life Saving and at Surf Life Saving facilities used by the general public and/or Surf Life Saving Club members.

Funding is prioritised in line with:

  • the Premier’s Priorities
  • the Office of Sport Strategic Plan and priorities
  • Surf Life Saving NSW Strategic Plan; and
  • projects that address a community need and demonstrate inclusive design principles.

The key objectives of the Program are:

  • Participation: Increase the usage and/or participant numbers in Surf Life Saving.
  • Access: Increase the use of Surf Life Saving facilities by community groups and/or the public; and
  • Safety: Improve safety at Surf Life Saving facilities.

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Greater Cities Sports Facility Fund

Funder:  NSW – Sport 

Grant Background: The NSW Government has committed $50 million to the Greater Cities Sport Facility Fund over two-years, helping create spaces and facilities that enable communities to enjoy and take part in sport.

The Fund will:

  • assist eligible organisations to develop quality core sport infrastructure that will meet the current and future needs of the community.
  • support the development of well-designed and utilised new and improved sport infrastructure projects that can directly impact and support participation and performance opportunities in sports at all levels.
  • focus on sporting facilities that deliver the best outcomes for the community. It will ensure that the best possible value for money is achieved.

The key objectives of the Fund are to:

  • increase the number and type of sporting facilities;
  • improve the standard of existing sporting facilities;
  • increase participation in sport.

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NSW ICC T20 World Cup 2020 Cricket Legacy Fund

Funder:  NSW – Sport

Grant Background The NSW ICC T20 World Cup 2020 Cricket Legacy Fund (‘the Fund’) is an initiative established by the NSW Government to be administered in the lead up to the ICC T20 World Cup tournament in 2020.

The Fund will provide assistance to community cricket clubs, associations and local councils.

The Fund aims to improve cricket facilities and supporting infrastructure, increase participation opportunities, improve female player pathways and enable hosting of elite cricket content in Regional NSW.

The key objectives of the Fund are as follows:

  • Improve the quality and/or quantity of cricket facilities in NSW.
  • Improve female participation pathways for players, officials and coaches through the implementation of new or enhanced programs.
  • Ensure that regional NSW locations meet requirements to host elite state and national level events.

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A tennis racket and ball lay on a clay court next to some white lines on the court

Community Sport Recovery Package

Funder:  NSW – Sport

Grant Background: With community sport and recreation activities returning as COVID-19 restrictions ease, the NSW Government has announced a $27.3 million Community Sport Recovery Package to help the sector get back on its feet.

The recovery package announced will ensure that organisations survive the crisis and will help get the millions of NSW residents back participating activities they love in a COVID safe environment.

Support for local sporting clubs and associations: A one-off grant of up to $1,000 will be provided to close to 12,500 local sporting clubs and associations across the State to assist clubs for when sport resumes on 1 July.

Support for State Sporting Organisations and Regional Academies of Sport: Funding will be provided to State Sporting Organisations (SSOs), State Sporting Organisations for people with disabilities (SSODs), and Regional Academies of Sport to support their programs and initiatives and to assist in support participation and performance pathways for aspiring athletes across NSW.

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