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Would you like some grant money? But don’t know how to start? Or where to look?

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Let me help you to take some of the mystery out of grant writing.

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Agriculture, Rural & Regional

Farm Business Skills Professional Development Program

Funder:  NSW – Department of Primary Industries, Rural Assistance Authority

Grant Background: As part of the NSW Government’s Drought Strategy, a Farm Business Skills Professional Development Program has been developed to support farm business in all conditions, but particularly in relation to preparing for and responding to drought.

The Farm Business Skills – Professional Development Program will provide:

  • the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills to build improved resilience and adaptability in the agricultural business.
  • exposure to new ideas, tools and techniques that businesses can use.
  • a range of products and services that engage the wide diversity of skills, knowledge and experience within the agricultural business sector.
  • a focus on building the skills and knowledge of agricultural businesses to manage risk, financial and business planning or decision making capacity.

Approved participants are able to claim reimbursement of costs (up to 50% of eligible costs, exclusive of GST) upon completion of the course/activity.

Three professional development priority areas have been identified:

  • Risk management
  • Financial and business management
  • Farm business planning/drought preparedness.

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Agriculture, Environmental, Rural & Regional

On Farm Energy Grants

Funder:  Agriculture Victoria

Grant Background: Victorian Farmers are now able to apply for an on-farm energy grant.

The on-farm energy grants are available to eligible primary producers until March 2020 or until available funding is exhausted (whichever comes first). Apply early so you don’t miss out.

Grants will be provided on a “dollar for dollar” cash co-contribution basis. Recipients are required to contribute at least 50 per cent of the total cash costs of the project.

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Community, Environmental, Rural & Regional

Increasing Resilience to Climate Change

Funder:  NSW – Department of Environment & Heritage and Department of Local Government

Grant Background: This partnership program between LGNSW and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) provides funding to address identified climate change risks and vulnerabilities facing NSW councils.

The Increasing Resilience to Climate Change program has been established to encourage:

  • Implementation of actions to address identified climate risks
  • Regional consideration of climate change impacts in decision making
  • Implementation of climate change adaptation actions beyond business as usual projects and programs
  • Enhanced adaptive capacity.

The Climate Change Fund is providing $1,100,000 of funding in Round 1 for projects delivered within 2 years.

  • Individual projects: Grants between $30 000 to $120 000 are available to individual councils.
  • Regional projects: Grant between $50 000 to $300 000 are available for regional projects to coordinate adaptation projects across a number of councils.

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Community, Rural & Regional

Tackling Tough Times Together

Funder:  Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal

Grant Background: The Tackling Tough Times Together grant program helps communities access the resources they need to support one another through the ongoing effects of the drought.

This program is designed to provide flexible funding to support community-based activities that both help to relieve current stressors and symptoms, and most importantly, build capacity and resilience for the future. Funds could also support activities that engage your local community in being proactive, exploring options and creating something that will stand the test of tough times.

Objectives of the programme include to:

  • Reduce social isolation by facilitating strong social cohesion and connection;
  • Support and engage the community in leadership development and skills training;
  • Support opportunities for social and educational participation and address disadvantage caused by the drought, for children and young people;
  • Reduce volunteer fatigue and build the capacity, capability and sustainability of local not-for-profit organisations to provide support to their communities, particularly where they are playing an increased role during the drought; and
  • Support local economic recovery or renewal through projects that stimulate economic activity and cash-flow within communities.

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Community, Women

Highways and Byways 2019 Small Grants Program

Funder:  Missionary Sisters of Service

Grant Background:  Grants of up to $3 000 are available for community groups or organisations that demonstrate they are addressing the relief of social and economic distress, and geographical disadvantage, through locally led action.

Applications that assist people and communities to address disadvantage and inequality through embracing the potential of local women to develop skills, confidence, capacities and leadership between generations and within their communities, are encouraged.

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Latest Grants, Rural & Regional, Tourism & Events

NSW Regional Business Event Development Fund

Funder:  Destination NSW

Grant Background: The NSW Regional Business Event Development Fund is designed to help stakeholders create, attract and support exciting business events for Regional NSW and to support new business event initiatives aimed at enriching the events with opportunities offered by iconic towns and regions while helping secure successful conferences and business events for their future.

The four streams of the program are:

  1. Creation of a New Business Event
  2. Attraction of an Existing Business Event
  3. Support for an Existing Business Event
  4. Support for a Business Event Project

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Arts & Creative, Latest Grants

Indigenous Languages & Arts Programme

Funder:  Federal – Department of Communication & the Arts

Grant Background: The Indigenous Languages and Arts (ILA) grant program assists Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to express, preserve and maintain their cultures through languages and arts across Australia.

ILA program funding is vital for revitalising and maintaining our Indigenous languages and in ensuring continued support of Indigenous language workers and community-led language programs.

The ILA program provides grant funding to support the following objectives:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are empowered to preserve and teach their culture through languages and arts.
  • A strong sense of cultural identity and wellbeing in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, which contributes to sustainable and strong communities.
  • Celebration and increased recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages and arts in the wider Australian community.

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Heritage, Latest Grants

Caring for NSW State Heritage

Funder:  NSW – Department of Environment & Heritage

Grant Background: The State Heritage Register (SHR) is a list of places and objects (collectively referred to as items) which represent heritage of particular importance to the people of New South Wales.

The Caring for State Heritage Grants category provides funding to support the understanding, conservation, protection and activation of items listed on the State Heritage Register.

Check to see if your item is listed on the State Heritage Register. If you are unsure, please contact them and they can clarify if your item is on the State Heritage Register. Continue reading “Caring for NSW State Heritage”

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Community, Latest Grants

Moolarben Coal Community Support Programme

Funder:  Moolarben Coal

Grant Background: Moolarben Coal’s Community Support Program has distributed over $1 million in community grants and sponsorships. Projects that are closely aligned with Moolarben Coal’s core values of enhancing the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the local community will be considered favourable.

The Community Support Program seeks to targe whole-of-community needs such as education, environment, health and safety, minor infrastructure projects, sports, the arts, leisure and research.

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