A black and white photo of a row of historical sculptures
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Heritage Grants

Funder:  NSW – Department of Environment & Heritage

Grant Background: The Heritage Grants programme aims to:

  • improve identification, protection, knowledge and understanding of the State’s heritage
  • assist owners and custodians with the conservation and activation of items of State and local heritage significance and Aboriginal Places
  • encourage promotion, celebration and cultural participation of the State’s heritage
  • increase resilience in NSW: recovery from and preparedness for disasters
  • stimulate the economy.

In this round there are three broad categories of grants:

  • Aboriginal Cultural Heritage
  • Caring for State Heritage
  • Community Heritage.

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Museums & Galleries Project Development Grants

Funder:  Museums & Galleries of NSW

Grant Background: Project Development Grants allow community museums and keeping places to carry out strategic and innovative projects with mid to long term outcomes. The grants can also provide an opportunity to work productively with an appropriate museums and/or arts consultant as a skill development opportunity.

Previous Project Development Grants have funded strategic and marketing plans, significance assessments, exhibition development, touring exhibitions and public programs.

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A black and white photo of a row of historical sculptures
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Community Heritage Grant

Funder:  NSW – Department of Environment & Heritage

Grant Background: The community heritage grants category focuses on enabling local councils and communities to identify, conserve, interpret and promote heritage. It includes similar activities to the Community Heritage Projects, Local Government Heritage Advisors, Local Heritage Places and Local Government Planning Studies streams that were run in the 2017-19 funding rounds.

Some activities in this grant stream are only available to local government organisations while others are open to a broader group of applicants. Funding is available towards:

Community and local government

  • Community Engagement Projects for celebration and promotion of heritage
  • Interpretation Projects for an item on the State Heritage Register

Local government only

  • Local Government Heritage Studies
  • Small Heritage Grants (devolved) Programs to conserve local heritage
  • Local Heritage Advisor Services

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