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Where is the Grant Money?

You know you would like some grant money to bring your amazing idea to life, but where do you find it?

I get this question a lot from my clients and unfortunately there is no one magic answer. Grants are advertised in a whole range of different places – from tech to traditional. My first port of call is always to check grant hub websites, such as:

On both these websites you are able to search using key words or simply scroll through the list. Sign up to the e-newsletter on the Federal website and you will get notifications of new grants straight into your Inbox.

Other good sources of grant opportunities are:

  • Your local and State MPs: Even if you are not a political animal ( 😊 ) they are often the first people to share grant opportunities via their regular newsletters.
  • Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal: This organisation acts as a clearing house for a whole range of community grants, especially those linked to rural and regional Australia.
  • Newspapers: If you still have access to ye olde print newspaper, keep an eye out for small ads at the bottom of a page.
  • Big Corporates such as Banks: Most big corporate organisations have a Foundation arm and they provide grants to both business (often focused on innovation) and community.
  • And many others…

If you would like a no-obligation chat about your next Big Idea, send me an email and we can set up a time to chat. Good luck!