Sometimes a business or organisation has a great idea or opportunity in front of them, but they simply don’t have time to collate all the information or fill out all the forms. This is where Heart of the Bush Marketing comes to the rescue. Melanie has the happy knack of capturing what is in a person’s head and getting it down onto paper in some sort of logical format.

Grant Applications

Writing grant applications is a HUGE task that takes dedicated time and concentration!  Not always possible for people running a business or for those working full-time (and then some).  A relatively straight-forward application can take a minimum of three full days to get to a fairly workable draft.

You need to understand what the grant programme is looking for and how to negotiate the reams of supporting documents that are part of the application process.  Often this is a matter of reading between the lines and then working out how to mould your project to more closely match the programme guidelines.

You also need to know how to make your application stand out from the other submissions.  Submitting grant applications is a highly competitive activity – even more so when applying for Federal government funds.

Writing - 1Business & Strategic Writing

Heart of the Bush Marketing can research and compile:

  • Business plans
  • Strategic plans
  • Policy documents, and
  • Business and funding proposals.

During a series of structured conversations, we explore the requirements of the report, develop an appropriate format and then research the topic.  Naturally your ongoing input is vital as the report goes through a series of drafts to get closer to the final document.

This service is ideal for larger reports especially when your existing staff do not have the time to devote to such a time-consuming project.

Marketing Plans

Marketing, in its simplest form, is about understanding who your client or customer is, what they really need and then delivering that to them.  Easy to say – not always easy to implement.

StrategyAt Heart of the Bush Marketing we help you understand your clients and communicate with them in a more efficient and effective manner.  You need to get your message across but not break the bank doing it.

Marketing Plans drive your customer-focus activities over time.  It keeps you on track and on budget.  A marketing plan makes you think critically about your business and analytically about your customers.  It becomes a baseline for your decision-making so that you are not tempted by smooth-talking advertising salespeople and you stick to your budget!

Yes, it can be flexible too.  You don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity and can adapt your plans accordingly, however if you never plan your journey, you won’t know when you have arrived!

Other Writing

  • Media: Often there are great stories that need to be communicated a little differently to pure advertising. Sometimes you have had a win or developed a great product or service that the broader community would be interested in and should know about. In short, you want to get the ‘Good News’ out about your business.
  • Website Words: We all know we need a website but who has the time to gather all the information and write all the words? Heart of the Bush Marketing can look at your business with fresh eyes and gather the information that your customers need and paint your business in the best light. As well as the words, we source appropriate photos or arrange for a professional photographer to develop a current photo library.

We do not design websites ourselves but can recommend a number of professional website designers and then liaise closely with them.

Do you need something else written? If you don’t see exactly what you need, contact Melanie to see if she can help or refer you to someone who can.


What others think:

Mudge Brew LogoMudgee Brewing: Melanie approached the challenge that we gave her with great professionalism and produced and excellent grant application in a very short time frame. Of course the proof of a good job is always in the result, Melanie certainly came up with the goods, as we were successful in obtaining the grant that we were after. 

Gary, Mudgee Brewing Company

LRC - Logo Colour - smallerLongreach Regional Council:  Mel continues to wow with her commitment and broad knowledge. It does not matter what the project is, Mel applies her creativity to produce a solid application that is well researched and client specific.

Kylie Smith, LRC Director Community and Cultural Service